It isn’t a party trick.  It is our purpose and passion.  We return all profits from our coffee sales to humanitarian relief – like fresh water drilling in Africa.

At Eternal Perks, we believe in the goodness of people.  Like you, many people want to make a difference in the world, but are waiting for someone to show them how.   And, it is our goal to provide easy, practical ways for you to get involved – without ever leaving your kitchen.

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Monthly Subscription Program

Partnering with Eternal Perks, you can receive one of many varieties of coffee shipped to your home or office each month.  And, each morning, as you sip your favorite cup of joe, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that people are coming to Christ with the proceeds from your purchase.

Why buy store-bought coffee when you can buy the best coffee in the world, directly from the best coffee farms in the world, and give back to the people in the local community? Your purchase helps to provide shelter, food, running water, and, most importantly, the Word of God to unreached people on our own continent.

Thank you! We appreciate your generosity!

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