Kenyan AA Coffee                                                            

EP - Bag - Kenya - 1The AA grade denotes the finest Kenyan coffees available.  The main growing areas stretch south from the slopes of Mount Kenya almost to the capital city, Nairobi.  This coffee assures brightness; a stoic, solid body; and smooth winy, penetrating flavor.  Kenyan coffees are as majestic as the African sunrise itself, rising high over the savannah.  These are powerful, bright coffees that run the gamut from lemony to peppery, from blackberry fruit to winy richness.  All of these characteristics come together in an extremely complex coffee that is truly vibrant.  A great Kenyan coffee is not subtle and delicate; it is full of power and character.

This simple, transparent system tends to reward higher quality with higher prices. Kenya coffee also has the advantage of consistently high growing altitudes and whatever imponderables of soil and climate contribute to the heady fruit and wine tones that embellish the best East Africa and Arabia coffees.

The main growing area stretches south from the slopes of 17,000-foot Mt. Kenya almost to the capital, Nairobi. There is a smaller coffee-growing region on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, on the border between Uganda and Kenya. Most Kenya coffee sold in specialty stores appears to come from the central region around Mt. Kenya and is sometimes qualified with the name of the capital city, Nairobi. Grade designates the size of the bean; AA is largest, followed by A and B.

Kenya is both the most balanced and the most complex of coffee origins.  A powerful, wine-toned acidity is wrapped in sweet fruit.  Although the body is typically medium in weight, Kenya is almost always deeply dimensioned.  Sensation tends to ring on, resonating like a bellclap rather than making its case to the palate and standing pat.  Some Kenyas display dry, berry-ish nuances, others citrus tones.  The berry-toned Kenyas are particularly admired by some coffee buyers.  Finally, Kenya coffees are almost always clean in the cup. Few display the shadow defects and off-tastes that often mar coffees from other origins.

Origin:  Kenya (East Africa)
Roast:  Mild to dark (solid body / medium acidity)
Flavors:  Bold, with hints of wine-like and citrus-like flavor
Pairings:  Best when served with milk chocolate or cheese tarts

 All new proceeds from the sale of coffee grown in Kenya are donated to the ministry of World Mission.

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