Guatemalan Huehuetenango – Organic




Flag_of_Guatemala.svgGuatemalan coffees are some of the most amazing fragrant and aromatic coffees in the world.  The natural shade and jungle of the Guatemalan highlands are the perfect environment for the bourbon botanical variety of arabica (a spontaneous variety of the original typical), which lends itself to a very nice and very natural full cup.

Hue Hue Tenango (way way ten-na-go) in the northeast frontier produces a wonderful bright coffee with nice body, and excellent floral tones and fruitiness.  Besides all these great cup attributes, it’s a fun one to say, Way Way.

Coffees from around Lake Attilan are a classic Guatemalan cup.  Atitlan’s are coffees with deep body, stunning acidity and fruit, and hints (more than mild suggestions) of chocolate and cinnamon.  Atitlan’s are truly a classic amazing cup.

Antigua is Guatemala’s oldest and most famous coffee growing region.  The magnificent volcanoes of Agua, Acatenango, and Fuego enclose this valley.  Fuego lives up to its name (fuego means fire in Spanish) by spewing forth volcanic ash continuing to add to the rich soil of the area.  Antiguan cups are nice bodies, full-on bright coffees with spice. There is a reason this region is so loved and sought out by the coffee connoisseur.

All in all, Guatemala must be a stop on your coffee journey.

Origin:  Guatemala (Central America)

Roast:  Mild to medium (low body / low acidity)

Flavors:  Sweet, with a hint of chocolate and orange

Pairings:  Best when served with breakfast foods, toasts, or muffins

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Weight 12.8 oz
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