Nicaraguan Segovia – Organic




Flag_of_Nicaragua.svgNicaragua is a little-known, and widely under-appreciated, treasure of coffee farms, producing some of the best coffee in all of Central America.  Our Nicaraguan Segovia varietal is a Strictly High Grown (SHG) Fair Trade Certified™ organically grown bean that has great body, with a clean flavor and balance.  Like many beans from Central America, the flavor possesses a deep sweetness with a hint of chocolate orange.  Upon comparison to other Central and South American coffees, our Nicaraguan Segovia maintains a prominent body and balance which resembles some Mexican coffees from Oaxaca.  This bean is the highest grown coffee among the Centrals and has less acidity than its counterparts.

Origin:  Nicaragua (Central America)

Roast:  Mild to medium (low body / low acidity)

Flavors:  Sweet, with a hint of chocolate and orange

Pairings:  Best when served with breakfast foods, toasts, or muffins

Additional information

Weight 12.8 oz
Dimensions 8.4 × 4.1 × 2.7 in
Country of Origin (bag #1)



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